The Special Annual Guest


A special annual guest

the special annual guest

There is a guest we wait for every year.

Some people long to receive him, some don’t care and some dislike him.

He stays with us for a month.

The bearer of gifts

When he arrives he brings many gifts with him, large and small.

Throughout the month he distributes an endless supply of gifts to everyone, and in the last ten days, he takes out his best gifts for those who desire them the most.


During his stay, he helps us to become better people by requiring us to control our whims and desires while he is in our midst. Restraining our anger, and our tongue. Ceasing foul language and backbiting. Our behaviour undergoes a character improvement exercise and we focus on being more useful and productive.


He helps us to change our bad habits and establish new good ones: quitting smoking, or caffeine or chocolate. And shows us that we do have control over our diet.


He detoxifies the body, mind and soul and helps us to discover our inner potential, so we can mine our best qualities, polish them, use them and retain them.


He helps us improve our investments: offering 70 to 700 and even 7000 fold increase for any good deed. On one night the return is worth the fortune of 83 years hard work and good investments.


He helps us boost our connections: not 3G, 4G, 5G but 10G. The reward is multiplied by 10 as a start.


Every night he takes us out to try a new cuisine: heavenly food and drink.


He helps us to be more patient and to observe our actions and monitor them.

The locked box

In the last ten days before his departure he leaves a special gift in a locked box and he gives us ten keys to try to unlock it. If we are there and we open it, we will find a special ticket in our name to secure our VIP secure place in paradise.