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Ramadan and Eid from social and spiritual dimensions

8 Reflections on Ramadan

My reflections on the social and spiritual dimensions of Ramadan and Eid Every year I have some reflections on Ramadan and these reflections keep changing. They constantly change because these reflections are connected to...

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avoiding the post ramadan slump

Avoiding the Post Ramadan Slump

Reflecting on what you gained and hanging on to it Notice the New You We spend quite a bit of time psyching ourselves up before Ramadan. During Ramadan we direct our energy towards purifying...

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moonfighting and flying goats

Moon-fighting and Flying Goats

Moon-fighting and Flying Goats The annual moon-fighting fiasco is a pain we endure every year first with uncertainty when it will be, guessing which day to take off from school and work and inevitably...

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Eid - Reaping the fruits of Ramadan

Eid – Reaping the fruits of Ramadan

Celebrate Eid with a Smile Alhamadulillah we have been able to fast in Ramadan and pray, and stand in night prayers. The good news that that Prophet (peace be on him) said: Whoever fasts...

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