Is there such a thing as an Islamic dress?


There is no such thing as an Islamic dress. We have general guidance, which we have to adhere to. The design, style and colour depends on your culture and where you live.

There are certain fashions which are prevalent in society such as ripped jeans, skinny jeans and baring different parts of the body, which is not in line with the concept of decent and dignified dress in Islam.  

What can and can’t Muslims wear?

Our role models are not celebrities, YouTubers and influencers. Our role model is the Prophet (peace be on him) and his wives. Allah Almighty commanded us to follow him, not celebrities or influencers.

Indeed in the Prophet you have a perfect role model to follow. (33:21)

People who wear t-shirts with inappropriate slogans and pictures, such as drugs or swear words, are sending a message out that they don’t care about anyone’s feelings or anything. It is like sticking two fingers up at the world. This is not the mentality of a believer.

Believers are supposed to care about others, about be good citizens and members of society, rather than wearing clothes that are rude, silly, inappropriate or provocative.

What attire is appropriate for men?

Men too have to cover their awrah, which is between (but not necessarily including) their navel to their knees. They should not dress in tightly fitted clothes, though many men go to the gym and like to show off their muscles by wearing clothes that are too small for them. Some of these men are da’ee (those who invite others to Islam) and every time they appear on YouTube, their muscles are on display. Though it is not haram, it is not appropriate or from the etiquette for them to do this.

Any form of dress that attracts the other sex is not permissible. Who said that women don’t feel attraction? For this reason, it is not just for women but for men to observe appropriate attire.

What attire is appropriate for Muslim women?

A woman’s dress should cover her from head to toe, it should not reveal the shape of her body, and it should not be transparent.

Is there a restriction on colours that women can wear?

Some women consider it more pious or think it will draw less attention to themselves, but in some societies, black stands out more. Are women recommended to wear particular colours?

It depends on the society you are in. Go with your community. In Africa for instance, they wear bright colours which reflect the colours of the trees and jungle and the environment they live in. It is vibrant and beautiful. It would alien to dress in black in that community. Similarly in China they wear a certain type of clothes. If you wear something else you will look odd. The Prophet (peace be on him) wore the same dress as those in his community, the same as Abu Lahab, Abu Talib and the Kufaar (disbelievers) in our terms.

Apart from the fact he would not wear clothes that dragged on the ground, he wore the same style of dress as those around him, which were appropriate for the climate and the area. He did not invent a new dress for Muslims.

Do women have to wear an abaya?

The abaya is not THE Islamic dress, it is an Islamic dress. If the Prophet (peace be on him) had gone to Siberia, would he have worn a thobe? No. He would have worn a long, thick coat. Islamic dress is anything that covers the awrah (nakedness) that is decent and modest. Wear something that is not tight, revealing or transparent.

Can you wear clothes with images of creatures?

If your clothes have small creatures on your clothes, such as little birds and butterflies, you may wear them.

What do you think of this new trend of YouTubers removing their hijab?

We ask Allah to forgive them and give them direction. For someone who used to wear hijab, to publicly remove it suggests to me that she has faced some troubles in her life. In Islam, Allah Almighty teaches us not to brag about our sins and mistakes but to ask for forgiveness and conceal our mistakes rather than revealing them sharing them and posting them.

These YouTubers have limited knowledge and I ask Allah to increase their knowledge and guide their hearts and bring peace and tranquility to their lives. They must be going through some difficulties in their life, as they would not do this otherwise. They need to improve their knowledge, not through Google Sheikh! Don’t make Google your Sheikh. Many students use google as their main source in their research. For Islamic knowledge you can’t use Google, you need authentic knowledge from the right people, whose piety and reputation and knowledge you trust.

We ask Allah Almighty to forgive our shortcomings and mistakes. If these young women knew it was haram to share sins in public, they would not have done this. They need someone to teach them and I make dua from my heart for them to be guided and protected from whatever takes them away from Allah.

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